Dear Customers,

we inform you that some of our services cannot be guaranteed due to the ongoing adjustment to the official provisions of COVID-19.

For more details feel free to contact us at +39/06/33626401.

The Management

Restaurant, Bar, and food and drink retail stores

The SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads by inter-human infection, and there is no evidence of food transmission associated with food business operators or food packaging (source WHO). In any case, the Company guarantees food safety through a combined prevention and control approach.
During the COVID-19 epidemic, basic hygiene and health standards will be integrated with a series of extraordinary measures for the protection of food hygiene, such as:

• targeted information and training on prevention measures for personnel involved in handling, preparing and administering food and drinks;
• checking compliance with the interpersonal distance (at least one meter between one person and another with the exception of people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing according to the provisions in force) in the areas intended for the sale and administration of food and drinks (breakfast room, bar, restaurant, market etc.) by means of: vertical and horizontal signs; remodeling of tables and seats; by defining a predetermined maximum capacity limit; differentiated entry / exit routes, where possible;
• making available for staff and guests alcoholic disinfectant solutions for hand hygiene, with a firm indication of use before accessing the services attached to the structure;
• cleaning and disinfection of toilets for patrons several times a day, also based on the turnout of those who use them;
• allow the drink at the counter only if the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers can be ensured, with the exception of people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing according to current provisions (this aspect pertains to individual responsibility);
• use of a mask by the service staff in contact with guests, who will carry out frequent hand hygiene with hydro-alcoholic solutions;
• cleaning and disinfection, at the end of each table service, of surfaces that have not been covered with tablecloths (disposable or to be replaced at each service);

It should be noted that guests will have to wear a mask in preparation for or after the meal at the table (e.g. movements, use of toilets). As regards the purchase operations in the sales of basic necessities, it should be noted that the guest must wear disposable mask and gloves, to guarantee the hygiene and safety of the products. The disposable gloves must be worn only at the time of entry into the food sales business (the use of gloves with which objects or surfaces have been touched outside of the business is not appropriate). In the absence of these requirements, it is necessary – for the purposes of protecting the hygiene of the food on display – to always disinfect the hands (‘gloved’ or not) with the sanitizing gels made available by the operators. In compliance with all the COVID-19 provisions issued by the Government, by the Regions and at local level, to avoid crowding the premises for sale and preparation / administration of food and drinks and to meet guests’ requests, the Company has decided to carry out the service of food delivery (first courses, main courses, side dishes, kinds of pizzeria etc etc and of the products on sale at the structure’s supermarket).


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